Ank,Rog Aur Yog- Latest book by Yog Guru Suneel Singh is like a physician

Ank, Rog Aur Yog a new book written by noted Yog Guru Suneel Singh and published by AYUR YOG YATRA is now out for change the life style of human being.  Modern civilization seams to promise everything except human happiness and peace. There seems to be much greater need today, if mankind has to survive. Numerology can help you to retain a good health. As in numerology each planet has been associated to a particular number. Your health revels in your date of birth. Depending upon your number, numerology shows that what kind of tendencies one will have to develop certain kinds of health problems. . Planetary positions greatly influence your well-being and so it is absolutely vital to know more about them and how these may influence your life and well-being. Physical and mental therapy in one of Yoga’s most important achievements what makes it so powerful and effective that it works on the holistic principal of harmony and unification.   Are you interested to know about how your date of birth number can affect your health?  My book “Ank Rog and Yog” has got answer to all your health issue, food and Yogaabhyas according to your number.
 This Book is the product of Yog Guru Suneel Singh ji years of experience in treating the people of various disease, disorders and ailments through yoga system. This Book has a simple purpose to help you take control of your own health according to your number, diet and 10 tailor-made Yogabhyas.  The most significant feature of this book is that a person suffering from any diseases covered in it will have no difficulty in treating himself or herself by following the guide lines.
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